About IHB

IHB is a public limited company managing investment portfolio of companies from different industries. IHB aims to possess controlling interest over 51%, which gives the opportunity to determine the strategy and to achieve the strategic management of the companies from its portfolio. In partnership with other investors, IHB invests in projects in which it can have significant influence - up to 50%.IHB pursues a permenent optimization of the investment portfolio. The investments are mainly in maritime transport, ship repair, port activities and machine building.IHB is listed on the highest segment A on the official market of Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia and. The company is traded on the regulated market and are are one of the most liquid positions on the stock exchange.

Integrity Honesty Belief.

IHB's main activities are acquisition, evaluation and sales of equity in companies, management of companies in its portfolio, financing IHB subsidiaries.

The issued capital of IHB is BGN 107 400 643, distributed in 107 400 643 ordinary voting shares with a nominal value BGN 1 each. IHB has around 54 000 natural and around 80 legal persons