Corporate life

IHB tries to keep up good corporate culture in the Group.

In this section the most significant moments from IHB corporate life are presented.


Sport Events


In the summer of 2002, IHB started to organize the first ever sport event in IHB Group - Sport Summer 2002. Since then it became a tradition every year to be held a sport event with summer sports - football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, swimming, chess, race and tug-of-rope.

In March 2003 a winter sport event was held - Sport Winter 2003. The principles for participation and ranking was the same. The disciplines are winter sports - ski slalom, ski down-hill race, sledge and tug-of-rope.

In the last years, the event has been transformed into Sport Autumn because of the time it is held.

All subsidiaries of IHB are the participants in the events as they form teams and participate in disciplines they choose. Winners for each sport are awarded with medals - gold, silver and bronze and cups for the first place. At the end a final team ranking is made and the winner is awarded a cup.