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Information about the public offering

According to the GMS decision from 29.08.2007, IHB starts public offering of shares for the capital increase as follows:


Persons that are registered as shareholders with the Central Depositary at the latest within 14 days of the date of the General Meeting, at which a resolution on a capital increase has been adopted - 12.09.2007, obtain rights to participate in the capital increase;


The last date for trading shares on the Stock Exchange, resulting in having rights to participate in the capital increase is 10.09.2007;


Number of shares before the capital in crease: 26 254 040;


The capital will be increased only if 15 000 000 new shares are subscribed and paid;


The obtained exchange code of the issued rights is: R2IHLBL;


Number of shares, offered for subscribing: 17 502 693;


Nominal value per share: BGN 1


Value of issue per share: BGN 2.40


Number of issued rights:26 254 040


Ratio between number of issued rights and shares: two new shares may be subscribed with 3 rights;


Beginning date for transfer of rights on the Stock Exchange: the first business day after expiration of 7 (seven) days as of the date of publication of the notice for the public offering of shares in the State Gazette and one daily paper - "Dnevnik" - 29.10.2007;


Closing date for transfer of rights: the first business day after expiration of 14 days of the beginning date 29.10.2007 - 13.11.2007; the closing date for trading with rights on the stock exchange is two business days before the expiration of the period for transfer of rights - 09.11.2007;


Ex-officio auction on BSE for sale of unexercised rights: 20.11.2007;


Closing date for subscription of shares: the first business day after expiration of 15 business days as of the closing date for transfer of rights - 5.12.2007;


The authorized investment intermediary: First Financial Brokerage House OOD, 2, Enos Str., floor 4 and 5, Sofia;


The investment intermediary, chosen to issue certificates for rights of shareholders: Commercial Bank Allianz Bulgaria AD,79, Pr. Maria Luiza Blvd., Sofia.