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IPO prospectus


Type of the offered securities:


regular, dematerialized, freely transferable and registered ordinary shares

Number of the offered securities:



Issue price per 1 share


BGN 1.40


The Securities document contains the whole information about Industrial Holding Bulgaria PLC, which with regard to the specific characteristics of the issuer and the securities subject of the public offering, is necessary for the investors to make a precise assessment of the economic and financial state of the issuer and the rights related to the securities. It is in the investors' interest to get acquainted with this Securities document and the Document of the Offered Securities before they make an investment decision.


This IPO Prospectus of Industrial Holding Bulgaria PLC has been confirmed by the Financial Supervision Commission with Decision № 186-Е/26.03.2010, which does not mean that the Commission approves or disapproves investments in securities or bears responsibility for the truthfulness of the information presented herein.

The IPO Prospectus includes a Registration Document, a Securities Document and a Summary.