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Convertible bonds 2008



Number of bonds offered for subscription:  218,780 convertible bonds;


Nominal value of one share:  100.00 Bulgarian levs;


Issue price of one share:  100.00 Bulgarian levs;


Total nominal and issue price of the bond issue: up to BGN 21,878,000 /twenty-one million eight hundred and seventy-eight thousand Bulgarian levs/;


Minimum amount for placing of the  issue /loan/: the issue shall be deemed contracted upon subscription and payment of bonds with a total face value of at least BGN 11,000,000 /eleven million Bulgarian levs/; 


Term (maturity) of the bond issue: 3 /three/ years (36 months or 1095 days);


Interest rate: 8.00 % on annual basis;


Period of interest payment: 6 months;


Method of interest payment:  The interest (coupon) payments are calculated on the basis of simple interest for the separate 6-month periods on the par value of each bond under the ISMA's convention: actual number of days of the period against /divided by/ the actual number of days in the year. The calculation of the profitability /rate of return/ from the interest for each of the 6-month periods shall be on the basis of the formula for calculation of simple interest with rounding off to the second character following the decimal comma.     


Conversionrate: 12, and it sets the conversion price at 8.(33) Bulgarian levs;


Conversion: on maturity /date/ of the issue and interim conversion on the date of the fourth interest payment.  


Number of issued rights:  43,756,118 rights;


Ratio between issued rights and one convertible bond:  each total of 200 rights provides an opportunity for subscription to 1 (one) convertible bond;


Initial date for  transfer  of right son the Stock Exchange: the first working day following the expiry of 7 days following the promulgation of the notice for public offering in the State Gazette and the publishing of the same notice in one central /major/ daily newspaper - The Dnevnik newspaper (i.e. as of 09.09.2008) - 17.09.2008.     


Deadline for transfer of rights:  the first working day following the expiry of 14 days from the initial date, i.e. 17.09.2008 - 02.10.2008. Pursuant to the Stock Exchange Rules the deadline for trading of rights on the Exchange shall be 30.09.2008 (2 business days before expiry of the deadline for transfer of rights); 


Date of the auction pursuant to article 112b, paragraph 7 of the PublicOfferingofSecurities Act - 9 October 2008;


Initial date for subscriptionofconvertiblebonds: 17 September 2008


Deadline for subscription of convertible bonds: 24 October 2008 (the first business day following the expiration of 15 business days from the date of expiry of the period for transfer of rights);


Investment intermediary authorized to service the public offering of the convertible bonds issue:First Financial Brokerage House OOD, Sofia, The Triaditsa qu., 2 Enos Str., fl. 4 & 5. 


Investment intermediary selected to issue certificates to the shareholders that have acquired rights on their own accounts: CB Allianz Bank Bulgaria AD, Sofia, 79 Kniaginia Maria Luiza Blvd.


The right to subscribe convertible bonds shall be given to persons that have acquired shares not later than 14 days following the date on which the general meeting took a decision for issuance of convertible bonds or as of 30 June 2008, persons that bought shares on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia till 10 July 2008 and filed with the registers of the Central Depository as of 14 July 2008.