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General Meeting

The First General Meeting of Bondholders

On the grounds of Art. 206, para 6 and 7 of the Trade Act, the Board of Industrial Holding Bulgaria AD summons the First General Meeting of Bondholders, possessing convertible bonds issue ISIN code BG2100018113. The General Meeting shall be held on 10.11.2011 at 10.00 a.m. in the city of Sofia, 16-20 Alabin St., Bulgarian Industrial Chamber, in the meeting room on the first floor with the following agenda:

1. Election of representative/s of the bondholders.

2. Fixing the remuneration of the representative/s of the bondholders.

3. Miscellanies.

All bondholders holding bonds from the present issue convertible bonds of Industrial Holding Bulgaria AD are invited to participate in the General Meeting personally or by proxy. Right to participate and vote in the General Meeting of bondholders have the entities registered as bondholders with the Central Depository AD as at the date 3 (three) days before the Meeting. The registration of the bondholders or their representatives shall begin at 9.00 a.m. on 10.11.2011 at the venue of holding the Meeting. The bondholders shall be obliged to present an identity document, written - notarized power of attorney and certificate of current status of the bondholders who are legal entities. In the case of lack of quorum, the Meeting shall be held on 24.11.2011 at 10.00 a.m. at the same place and with the same agenda and, requirements and registration procedure.