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General meeting

The General Meeting of Shareholders /GMS/ is one of the managingbodies of IHB. The others are the Supervisory Board and the ManagingBoard.

GMS includes all shareholders holding voting shares. 


Competence: The GMS shall:

  • adopt, amend and supplement the Statute of IHB;
  • increase and reduce the registered capital of IHB;
  • transform or wind up IHB;
  • appoint and discharge the members of the Supervisory Board and shall determine their remuneration;
  • appoint and discharge chartered accountant or a specialized auditing company;
  • approve the Annual financial statements after their verification bythe appointed chartered accountant or the specialized auditing company;
  • distribute IHB’s profit;
  • adopt a decision on issuance and shall specify the terms andconditions of issuance of bonds as well as the terms for theirsubscribing in accordance with the requirements of the currentBulgarian legislation;
  • adopt a decision on issuance of warrants and rights of subscribingshares as well as the terms for their subscribing in accordance withthe requirements of the current Bulgarian legislation;
  • appoint liquidators upon winding up IHB, except in case of insolvency;
  • release of liability the members of the Managing Board and the Supervisory Board;
  • adopt a decision for redemption of shares of IHB;
  • adopt other decisions on issues within its competence as provided by the law of the Statute.


Time and frequency: GMS is held at least once a year. This isthe regular annual GMS, when the results for the previous year arereported and approved. 


Place: GMS are held at IHB's registered seat.  The regularAGM is held not later than the end of the first half of the yearfollowing the reporting year. Usually, IHB's AGM is held in June.


Convocation: AGM is convened by an invitation announced in the Commercial register notlater than 30 days before the GMS opening


Regulations On the Organisation and Holding of Regular and Extraordinary General Meetings of Shareholders of Industrial Holding Bulgaria PLC (pdf, 93Kb)

Regulations On Proxy Voting in General Meeting of Shareholders Of Industrial Holding Bulgaria PLC (pdf, 70Kb)