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ZMM Bulgaria Holding AD (s)

The company was incorporated in 2001 under the name of ZMM Bulgaria AD with the idea to unite four companies producing metal cutting machines – ZMM Sliven AD, Mashstroy AD, Mashinostroene AD and Leyarmach AD. The scope of activity of ZMM Bulgaria Holding AD includes production and sales of metal cutting machines, commercial representation and intermediation, storage as well as any other activity not prohibited by law.

At present, the company owns 95.98% of the capital of ZMM Sliven AD, 93.57% of the capital of ZMM Nova Zagora AD, 97.87% of the capital of IHB Electric AD, 85.42% of the capital of IHB Metal Castings AD (within the group the control over IHB Metal Castings AD is 100% and the remaining 11.29% is held by ZMM Sliven AD).


Executive Officer: Emilian Abadjiev

37A, Fridtjof Nansen str., 1142 Sofia, Bulgaria

Phone: + 359 (0) 2 981 07 53; Fax: + 359 (0) 2 981 43 14

E-mail: office@zmmbulgaria.com


ZMM Sliven AD (ss)

ZMM Sliven AD was incorporated in 1971. The company has mastered and offers all included in the catalog of ZMM Bulgaria Holding AD products:

  • Universal lathes with maximum processed diameter of the processed item between 300 mm and 1,600 mm and distance between the centres between 750 mm and 6,000 mm;
  • CNC lathes;
  • Column drilling machines.

Executive director: Georgi Valkov

16, Bansko shosse Str., 8800 Sliven, Bulgaria

Phone: +359 (0) 44 662 108; Fax: +359 (0) 44 662 563

E-mail: zmmsliven@zmmsliven.com


ZMM Nova Zagora AD (ss)

ZMM Nova Zagora AD was established in 1970. Its main business activity is the design and manufacturing of assemblies and parts for metal cutting and woodworking machines, production lines, and general machinery products, spare parts, repairs, and services. The company produces:

  • Rotation details;
  • Metal cutting machine units;
  • Strip cutting machines: manual, semi-automatic and fully automated with CNC control;
  • Units and machines input in wood processing complexes;
  • Crushers PZ5; PZ7; PZ9; PZ11;
  • Spare parts.

Executive Director: Svilen Sivov

1, Stoilvoivodsko shose Str., 8900 Nova Zagora, Bulgaria

Phone: + 359 (0) 457 23056; Fax: + 359 (0) 457 24311

E-mail: zmm@mail.orbitel.bg



IHB Metal Castings AD (ss)

IHB Metal Castings AD, Sofia has its own production facilities which have not stopped operating since its foundation.The foundry was built in 1958 and has underwent two basic reconstructions in 1970 and 1989.

A great variety of castings are produced but the parts are the full range of components for machine tools like bodies, bed slides, columns, tailstocks, foundations, boxes, etc.

After the reconstruction in 1989 and the modernization of the melting shop in 2002 and 2008, the foundry has equipment, technologies and personnel typical of a modern foundry. “IHB Metal Castings” JSC – Sofia is specialized in the production of castings of high quality of gray cast iron, with a single weight from 100 kg to 10 000 kg and castings of nodular cast iron with a single weight up to 1000 kg, with high degree of complexity.


Executive Director Boyan Dimitrov

8, Ilijansko Chaosse Blvd., 1220 Sofia, Bulgaria

Phone: + 359 (0) 2 938 29 5; Fax: + 359 (0) 2 836 44 02

E-mail: office@ihbmetalcastings.com