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Maritime Holding AD (s)

The company was incorporated in 2001. Its scope of activity includes:

  • Acquisition, assessment and sale of shares in Bulgarian and foreign companies;
  • Financing of the companies where the holding owns interests;
  • Technical consultations about ships, facilities and materials subject to inspection;
  • Inspection of ships and cargo;
  • Commercial representation and intermediation;
  • Consulting services.

Maritime Holding AD held 100% of the capital of Bulgarian Register of Shipping EAD.

37A, Fridtjof Nansen str., 1142 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel.: +359 (0) 2 980 71 01, Fax: +359 (0) 2 980 70 72
E-mail: office@bulgariaholding.com 

Bulgarian Register of Shipping EAD (ss)

Bulgarian Register of Shipping EAD performs technical surveillance and classification, including:

  • Approval of technical documentation for maritime and river shipbuilding and ship repair, drill platforms and containers;
  • Admittance of companies and laboratories, which produce, repair and test constructions subject to supervision by Bulgarian Register of Shipping EAD, furniture, materials and items in the maritime business and industry;
  • Supervision of shipbuilding and refurbishment, drill platforms and containers;
  • Certification of ships and containers in operation;
  • Supervision of the production of materials and items intended for building and repair of ships subject to supervision by Bulgarian Register of Shipping EAD;
  • Supervision and certification of newly built ships, ships in operation, materials and items in compliance with mutual supersession contracts with foreign classification organizations;
  • Conventional inspections in compliance with contracts for recognition by maritime administrations;
  • Technical consultations and expert opinions;
  • Consultations related to introduction and implementation of quality management systems and assistance for certification under the requirements of the ISO 9000 standards;
  • Certification under the requirements of the ISM and ISP.

Executive Director: Dimitar Novak

South Industrial Zone, Business centre „BULPORT“, 9000 Varna, Bulgaria.

Tel.: + 359 (0) 52 681510; fax: + 359 (0) 52 602864

E-mail: varna@bkclass.org

IHB Electric AD


Executive Director: Venelin Petkov

41 Rojen Blvd, Sofia 1271, Bulgaria

Tel.: +359 2 936 0367

E-mail: office@ihbelectric.com


International Industrial Holding Bulgaria AG (s)

The company was incorporated in 2001 in Zug, Switzerland. Its basic scope of activity includes acquisition, management and expropriation of shares in domestic and foreign companies of any kind and particularly companies in the sphere of trade, services and production in Bulgaria, provision of guarantees to related parties, participation in other companies, acquisition, management and expropriation of subjective rights on intangible benefits and licenses, acquisition, management and expropriation of rights on real properties, granting of loans as well as provision of guarantees and other collaterals. The company gains income mainly from interests in other companies and consulting.