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Deal of a subsidiary of IHB in accordance with Art. 114, 3 of POSA

09 Nov 2020 | 17:35

On 09.11.2020, a contract was signed by "EMONA Ltd.", Republic of the Marshall Islands, which company is solely owned by "Privat Engineering" EAD, a 100% subsidiary of "Industrial Holding Bulgaria" AD, for the sale of the owned by the subsidiary motor ship "EMONA“. The deal price is USD 4 250 000.

The subsidiary company has got a permission on 26.10.2020 for the conclusion of the deal form the Managing Board of Industrial Holding Bulgaria PLC in accordance with the requirements of Art. 114, 3 and Art. 114a, 3 of the Public Offering of Securities Act.The Financial Supervision Commission is informed in accordance with the requirements of Art. 114a, 3 of POSA.