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The First General Meeting of Bondholders elected representative of the bondholders

10 Nov 2011 | 16:34

OF the First General Meeting of its Bondholders
of Industrial Holding Bulgaria PLC
Bonds issue  ISIN BG2100018113

Held on 10 November 2011, at 10 a.m. in Sofia, 16-20 Alabin Str., Bulgarian Industrial Association

Item 1 from the Agenda: Election of representative/s of the bondholders.

DECISION: 1. The bondholders of Industrial Holding Bulgariq PLC, holding convertible bonds issue  ISIN BG2100018113 to be represented by one representative;

2. Elects Antoaneta Michailova Dimolarova for representative of the bondholders holding convertible bonds ISIN BG2100018113.

Item 2 from the Agenda: Fixing the remuneration of the representative/s of the bondholders.

DECISION: Appoints remuneration of the representative of the bondholders BGN 250 /two hundred and fifty/.

Item 3 from the Agenda: No decisions were taken.