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IHB contrcted a convertable bonds loan and summons the first General Assembly of Bondholders

05 Nov 2008 | 10:13

With decision 20081104114240 the Trade Registry published announcement for bond issue of Industrial Holding Bulgaria AD under the following terms and conditions:

•      ISIN code: BG2100024087

•      Total nominal value (bond issue amount) - BGN 21,649,600 (twenty one million six hundred forty nine thousand and six hundred), distributed in 216 496 (two hundred and sixteen thousand four hundred and ninety six) dematerialized interest-bearing convertible freely transferable unsecured bonds of par value BGN 100 (one hundred) each;

•      Term (maturity) of the bond issue: 3 /three/ years (36 months or 1095 days) as of the issue date;

•      Date from which the maturity term is counted - 29.10.2008

•      Interest - 8.00 % (eight percent) on an annual basis;

•      Period of interest payment: 6 months;

•      Conversion rate: 12, which defines conversion price of BGN 8.(33);

•      Conversion: on the due date of the issue and intermediate conversion on the date of the fourth interest payment.

•      Payment dates:  for the principal - single, on the due date; for interest payments: 29.04.2009, 29.10.2009, 29.04.2010, 29.10.2010, 29.04.2011 and 29.10.2011;

•      Bank servicing the bond issue payments - Allianz Bank Bulgaria AD with abidance by the requirements of Ordinance No. 8 of the Central Depository of Securities; 


The First General Assembly of Bondholders

On the grounds of Art. 206, para 6 and 7 of the Trade Act, the Board of Industrial Holding Bulgaria AD summons the first General Assembly of Bondholders for the abovementioned bond issue on 20.11.2008 at 10.00 o'clock. The Assembly shall be held in the city of Sofia, 16-20 Alabin St., Bulgarian Economic Chamber, in the meeting room on the first floor with the following agenda:

  • 1. Election of representative of the bondholders.
  • 2. Fixing the remuneration of the representative of the bondholders;

All bondholders holding bonds from the present issue - convertible bonds of Industrial Holding Bulgaria AD are invited to participate in the General Assembly personally or by proxy. The registration of the bondholders or their representatives shall begin at 9.00 o'clock on 20.11.2008 at the venue of holding the Assembly. The bondholders shall be obliged to present a document certifying their rights over the bonds they hold /depository receipts issued by the Central Depositary AD/, identity document, written - notarized power of attorney and certificate of current status of the bondholders who are legal entities. In the case of lack of quorum, the Assembly shall be held on 5.12.2008 at 10.00 o'clock at the same place and with the same agenda and, requirements and registration procedure.