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Notification under Art. 148a of Public offering of securities act

12 May 2017 | 14:26

On 12.05.2017, Industrial Holding Bulgaria PLC received a notification for disclosure of a shareholding in public company under Art. 145 of POSA from DPF "Allianz Bulgaria", entered in the Register of the Sofia City Court under the company's file 12458 / 24.10.2000, BULSTAT 13040102, as follows:

Type of transaction: Sale of 1 170 022 shares issued by Industrial Holding Bulgaria AD.Date of registration of the transaction in the Central Depository PLC: 10.05.2017.

Condition on voting rights before the change (owned shares before the execution of the transaction)

Last change of voting rights (shares subject to the transaction)

Current status on the voting rights (owned shares after the execution of the transaction)
percentage number percentage number percentage
5 032 314 6.50% 1 170 022 1.51% 3 862 292 4.99%