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30 Dec 2011 | 11:54

IR Release: IHB divested from Agromanage AD

Industrial Holding Bulgaria PLC divested from Agromanage AD,...
29 Nov 2011 | 19:09

IHB published its 3Q2011 consolidated report

On 29 November 2011 IHB filed its consolidated report 3Q2011 to the public,...
10 Nov 2011 | 16:34

The First General Meeting of Bondholders elected representative of the bondholders

DECISIONS OF the First General Meeting of its Bondholders of Industrial Holding Bulgaria PLC Bonds issue ISIN BG2100018113...
31 Oct 2011 | 15:41

IHB published its 3Q2011 non-consolidated report

On 31 October 2011 IHB filed its non-consolidated report 3Q2011 to the public,...
25 Oct 2011 | 15:01

Forthcoming payment of principal and interest on convertible bonds

On 29 October 2011 the last interest payment and the payment of the principal of the issue convertible bonds issued by Industrial Holding Bulgaria PLC,...
21 Oct 2011 | 16:51

Bulyard SI delivered the new ship Diamond Sea to the Ship owner

On 20 October 2011 Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry, a subsidiary of Industrial Holding Bulgaria plc...
21 Oct 2011 | 15:01

Announcement for contracted convertible bonds loan and First General Meeting of Bondholders

With decision from 20.10.2011 the Trade Registry published announcement for bond issue of Industrial Holding Bulgaria AD...
19 Oct 2011 | 19:18

Announcement for no bondholders willing to convert bonds ISIN BG2100024087

On 18.10.2011 the Management Board stated that within the defined term according to the conditions...
18 Oct 2011 | 10:43

Result of the public offering of convertible bonds of IHB

The Management Board of Industrial Holding Bulgaria PLC informs about the results of the closure of the initial public offering...
28 Sep 2011 | 12:27

Converting of the convertible bonds ISIN code BG2100024087, BSE-Sofia code 4IDC

DECISION for increase of the capital of Industrial Holding Bulgaria PLC...