Disclosure of information

IHB provides detailed information in the activity reports and share price sensitive information (the so-called ad hoc information). The information is submitted within the required terms by Law on Public Offering of Securities and the legislative acts on its implementation. The information is prepared so as precise and reliable information on the Company may be provided and full compliance with the applicable legal provisions may be ensured. The whole information is published on the website of IHB immediately upon their publishing in the bulletins of Investor.BG and the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) and Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE) and additionally is being sent by e-mail to investors, analysts, journalists and other who have shown interest in IHB. To avoid the market abuse with internal information, IHB publishes the information at fastest as possible – during the day when it becomes known or at latest on the next day. To give enough time for analyzing the information IHB publishes the information usually after the end of the Stock Exchange session. The information is published in Bulgarian and in English at the same time or with a slight delay of the English translation, regarding the reports, for which time is necessary to be translated. The legal framework regarding the activities of public companies and information disclosure is constantly followed up and the new provisions are complied with.

Information Communication and Disclosure Policy of Industrial Holding Bulgaria PLC (pdf, 27Kb)