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General information

IHB is a holding company managing a portfolio of companies.

Depending on the share and the possibility for IHB to influence their management, these companies are classified as follows: subsidiaries (s) - companies controlled by IHB, as well as their own subsidiaries (ss).

As at 2019 IHB investments in shares and stakes in other companies are BGN 203 million.


img map Machine Building Port Activities ship-building-and-repairing Others maritime-transport

Maritime Transport

  • Privat Engineering AD
    • Emona Ltd.
    • Karvuna Ltd.
    • Tirista Ltd.
    • IHB Shipping CO EAD
  • KLVK
    • Odria Ltd.
    • Serdika Ltd.

Shipbuilding and ship repair

  • Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry AD
  • IHB Ship Design AD (s)

Port operations

  • KRZ Port – Bourgas AD
  • Odessoss PBM EAD
  • Bulport  Logistics AD

Machine building

  • ZMM Bulgaria Holding AD
    • ZMM Sliven AD
    • ZMM Nova Zagora AD
    • IHB Metal Castings AD


  • IHB ЗDesign AD (s)
  • IHB Electric AD
  • Maritime Holding AD
    • Bulgarian Register of Shipping ЕAD
  • International Industrial Holding Bulgaria AG