Technologies reduce the CO2 footprint of resource-consuming industries

Daneta Zheleva is the CEO of Industrial Holding Bulgaria PLC

INTERVIEW with Mrs Daneta Zheleva, CEO of Industrial Holding Bulgaria PLC, about her participation in ‘Tech of Tomorrow’, hosted by

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Daneta Zheleva: Technologies reduce the СО2 footprint of resource-consuming industries.

The pandemic rearranged the processes in traditional industries like machine-building and logistics, says the CEO of Industrial Holding Bulgaria PLC.

Daneta Zheleva is the CEO of Industrial Holding Bulgaria PLC, a group working in the field of mechanical engineering, maritime transport, ship design, ship repair and port activities. We are talking to her about her participation in ‘Tech of Tomorrow’, an event organised by


Why does your company support Investor MediaGroup's ‘Tech of Tomorrow’ event?

In many ways, technologies have become an integral part of our daily lives, and are both an opportunity and a challenge for the business. Every professional debate between experts gives both different points of view and the focus for the development of specific areas - big data, artificial intelligence, digitalisation, and automation, as well as the expectations for their implementation in industry.

How has the coronavirus pandemic changed our perceptions of future technology in your field - industrialisation, online payments, and smart homes and offices?

We, people working in traditional industries like mechanical engineering and transport and logistics, urgently needed to reorganise our processes in communication and customer service, as well as the work in our companies.

The challenge was not only to deliver a product or a service on time, in conditions of risk to human health and life, but also to be available for our customers around the world 24/7, without the possibility of direct personal contact with them. This would be absolutely impossible without the technologies of digital marketing and sales, without the possibilities of digital payments and the automation of production processes.

What are the latest trends in these markets? How do you expect them to develop in the not-so-distant future?

It is expected that this type of technology will directly have a positive impact, through ‘smart’ process management, on reducing the CO2 footprint that these resource-consuming industries have.

It is expected that companies will be able to achieve a better balance and economic effect through the direct use of technologies for waste recovery, 3D modelling in servicing, renewable energy sources for their own purposes, as well as the use of other alternative fuels and raw materials - not only for land, but also for sea and air transport.

These are directions in which we, Industrial Holding Bulgaria, work actively with our machine-building companies and the ship design company and our two ports.

Of course, this type of development and perspectives also imply a new outlook, serious investments, active human resources policies, staff qualifications, retraining and subsequent development.

This year celebrates its 20th anniversary. What does the largest Bulgarian economic media mean to you?

To us, is a highly-valued long-term partner. Thanks to the professionalism of its team, for the last 20 years, has managed to establish itself as a reliable source of information by which you can set your watch. I would like to congratulate them and wish them even greater professional success in the future!


‘Tech of Tomorrow’ is the traditional technological event that hosts every year.

The first part of the event, on industrial automation and robotics, was held on 7 April 2021. The next two parts are due on 14 April and 21 April. More information about them can be found on the website of the digital streaming platform for events, which Investor Media Group launched this year - Investor Media Pro. The event can be watched live on the digital platform or on