Press-Release Delivery & Naming Ceremony NB 102 /25.10.2012


On 25th of October 2012 in the premises of Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry EAD an official Delivery & Naming Ceremony of NB 102 took place. Her godmother is Mrs. Rositsa Vladimirova – Chief Accountant of IHB Shipping, who named the vessel „Diamond Sky”. The ship is 55 304 DWT bulk carrier and is the third one of Future-56 series ever built at Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry EAD under the supervision of NKK. The construction license for ships Future-56, type Supramax was purchased from the Japanese company IHI Marine United and upon its realization at Bulyard new technologies in the design and production were applied. The main part of the equipment is produced in Japan and supplied by Mitsubishi Corporation. The main characteristics of the ships of this type are functionality in maintenance and service. In 2011 the first sister ship was delivered on a ceremony to the Turkish company Diler Shipping & Trading. The second sister ship was delivered later the same year to Industrial Holding Bulgaria. The ships of Future-56 series are being built for the very first time at Varna shipyard and never before in Europe. The event was attended by distinguished guests and representatives of the local government, representatives of the classification society, of Mitsubishi Corporation and such from IHI Marine United Inc.


- Classification Society: Nippon Kaiji Kyokai
Class: NS* (CSR, BC-A, BC-XII, GRAB 20, EQCDG, EQCC, PSPC-WBT)(ESP) MNS* M0 'Strengthened for heavy cargo loading where holds No. 2 and 4 may be empty'
- Area of trading: unlimited
- Main particulars:
Length (overall)
Breadth, moulded
Depth, moulded
- Deadweight 55 304 DTW
- Main engine type 1 - DU – WARTSILA – 6RT-flex 50
- Machinery Plant: diesel reduction gear with fixed pitch propeller
Specific fuel oil consumption (contractual): 167.1 g/kWh + 3%
Contract maximum continuous rating (CMCR): 8890 kW при 116.0rpm
- Deck Cranes: 4 х 30mt
- Crew: 25 persons