Corporate life

IHB strives to create, in its employees, a sense of empathy and satisfaction through the development of corporate culture, various social events and more.


Annual awards

In 2002, IHB established 2 awards to encourage the directors and employees in the companies of the Group.

Since then, IHB has been holding an Employee-of-the-Year award, chosen for each company in the Group, and a CEO-of-the-Year award in the IHB Group. The CEO of a company who has shown the best overall results for the respective year is elected CEO-of-the-Year.


Sports days

In 2002, IHB organised the first sports day of its kind in the IHB group for football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, swimming, running, tug-of-war, and chess.

Since then, it has become our annual tradition, and in recent years we have called it 'Sports Autumn' as we hold it in this season.

Employees from all the IHB Group companies form teams and participate in sports of their choice. Winners are announced for each sport, and are awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals - and cups for the first-place winners. A team ranking is made and a cup is awarded to the Company with the highest total number of points.