Disclosure of information

IHB provides the most comprehensive information in their management reports and provides timely information sensitive to the share price. The information is provided in time, according to the requirements of the Public Offering of Securities Act and the regulations on its implementation. The information is prepared in such a way as to present the activities of the Company in an accurate and reliable manner, and is completely comprehensive in terms of the regulatory requirements. All the information is published on the IHB website immediately after its publication in the bulletin of Investor.BG and The Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) and The Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE) and is also forwarded, via email, to investors, analysts, journalists and others who have shown interest in IHB. In order to avoid misuse of inside information, the information is published as soon as possible - within the day of its becoming known or the next day. In order to provide sufficient time for information analysis, IHB usually publishes the information after the end of the trading session. The information is published in Bulgarian and English at the same time or with a delay in the English translation, when it comes to statements/reports that require translation time.

The legal framework regarding the activity of public companies and the disclosure of information is constantly monitored and new requirements and good international practices are observed.