A tender offer, published by Bulls AD, Sofia under Art. 149b, para. 1 of the Public Offering of Securities Act (POSA) for purchase of shares of Industrial Holding Bulgaria PLC

On July 2, 2021, Industrial Holding Bulgaria PLC received a notification from Bulls AD, Sofia, according to Art. 154, para. 1 of POSA, accompanied by the final text of a tender offer form Bulls AD under Art. 149b, para. 1 of POSA, for the purchase of up to 25 000 000 (twenty-five million), but not less than 15 800 000 (fifteen million and eight hundred thousand) voting shares from the other shareholders of Industrial Holding Bulgaria PLC.

The full text of the Tender Offer is attached to this announcement and is published in Investor.bg (www.investor.bg), on the website of the authorized investment intermediary ELANA Trading AD (www.elana.net) and on the BSE website (www.bse-sofia.bg).

The received tender offer, as well as the opinion of the Management Board of the Company, are published on the website of Industrial Holding Bulgaria PLC in the section “For Investors” / “Tender Offers”.


The Financial Supervision Commission has not issued a final prohibition against the tender offer with Protocol 48 of 01.07.2021.