IHB's employees

Human capital is our Group's most valuable asset and our key competitive advantage. Our business success is a reflection of the qualities, skills and dedication of the people in the IHB Group. A wide range of perspectives encourages innovation, makes companies more creative, flexible, productive and competitive, and helps us find innovative and creative solutions.


Work Standards

IHB companies comply with the requirements and good practices for the work-rest ratio and stimulate the actual use of paid annual leave over the year. All companies are inspected for working conditions, in accordance with the requirements of Bulgarian legislation. Workplace measurements and risk assessment are performed and, if necessary, prescriptions are made and faults are rectified in a timely manner.

Where possible, canteen meals are organized and, in other places, funds are provided to reduce the cost of food. In some companies, transport to the workplace is provided or part of the transport costs are covered. Those working in a special environment are given free and appropriate food. Where applicable and necessary, work clothes and personal protective equipment are provided.

IHB has also adopted a Diversity Policy. The implementation of the Diversity Policy in IHB and the companies of the Group aims to create a working environment free of prejudice, to cultivate an atmosphere of respect and mutual trust, to foster a corporate culture that is distinguished by mutual respect and appreciation of each individual.

Discrimination in the workplace on the grounds of sex, ethnicity, religion or politics is not tolerated. Equal rights and opportunities for work, development and career are provided, depending only on the qualification, personal qualities and the achieved results.


Collective agreements

The management maintains good relations with the professional organisations and responds to their views on workers' rights.

In some of the companies, collective labour agreements have been concluded, and more favourable conditions have been agreed therein than those stipulated in the Labour Code.

None of the companies prohibits employees from being members of non-profit organisations, parties or other informal groups. Membership of organisations that preach ideas contrary to morals and the socially-recognised norms of social responsibility is not tolerated, and also when such membership interferes with the normal and responsible performance of their work duties.


Work Conditions

IHB maintains healthy and safe work conditions in its companies. In all the companies, work conditions are periodically reviewed, according to the requirements of the Bulgarian legislation and, where necessary, measurements of the workplaces and risk assessment are performed on an annual basis. Prescriptions are made, if necessary, and faults are rectified in a timely manner.


Accidents at work

In general, the level of accidents at work in the Group, regardless of the nature of the activities performed, can be characterized as low. They are mainly related to carelessness and non-compliance with instructions.


Health Care

All Group companies have contracts with occupational health services. Medical files of the employees are kept and preventive medical examinations are carried out, in compliance with the requirements for protection of the personal data of the employees.



IHB encourages training in all its various forms - seminars, visits to Bulgarian and international conferences, organisation of internal company meetings, presentations, etc.

Some of the companies offer internship programs.

Improving the knowledge and skills of employees is necessary for the organisation to be competent and able to cope with the challenges of competition and, on the other hand, supports the need of each person for development, training and retraining.